How to Disable Comments on Facebook


Disable Comments on Facebook

How to Disable Comments on Facebook

How to Disable Comments on Facebook – Facebook is a network of Billions of users and is growing day by day. According to a report in 2018, Facebook had about 2.27 billion monthly active users. Facebook is in top trending apps on the play store. Facebook has many features but reacts, comments and sharing are the best of them. Facebook allows its users to comment on any post. Usually, comments consist of the opinions of your friends.

But sometimes, facebook comments disappoint its users and urge him to remove or delete that post. For example: If I upload my ugly selfie on Facebook, all of many friends will write bad comments on it and will react Ha Ha on that selfie. These comments will disappoint me and of course, I will remove that selfie.

But, unfortunately, there is no more option to disable comments on facebook except deleting that comment which you don’t like. If your friends of friends are commenting on your posts, you should change of privacy policy and if you want only a specific friend to see your post, you can “Change Audience” at any time. This option will be visible after selecting that post. Here I am going to describe turning off facebook comments on the profile picture, group post, and page.

Comments on Profile or Post:

If any of your friends’ comments on your facebook profile picture or any post which is bad or irrelevant. You can delete that comment. You have to simply click on that comment, there will be many options. You have to select “Delete”. Now, that comment will be no more on your post but you can’t change the “Reacts”,

If someone is disturbing you by commenting on your posts. You can unfriend him, block him and can also report his account. By blocking his account you both won’t be able to see each other’s account, posts, and other activities until you unblock him.

By reporting his account Facebook will review your request and may remove his account after seeing his previous activities on facebook. The best option is to unfriend him. By this, he won’t be able to do anything with you until you accepted his friend request or become Facebook friends again.

Comments On Post In Group:

There are millions of groups on Facebook, you can join any of them depending upon your interest. Facebook groups are controlled by their admins. So it depends upon admin whether he approves your post or not, Or allows you to post without approval. In short, every group has different privacy. You can easily disable and enable comments on your post any time after publishing.
You have to select that post and click on “Turn off commenting” if you want to disable comments on that post. While you can also turn comments on by selecting the option “Turn on commenting”.

But in groups, you cannot delete someone’s comment however you can report to the admin. For this purpose, you have to click on that comment and select the “Report Admin” option. It depends upon admin whether he removes that comment or not. Admin can warn him and can also remove him without warning.

Comments On Facebook Page:

Usually, facebook pages are used to represent your business or marketplace. But If you are owning a Facebook page and someone is disturbing you by publishing bad or irrelevant comments, here are a few solutions for this.

Delete comment:

You can delete his comments by clicking on his comment and selecting the “Delete” option. This comment will be no more on that post. But he can again comment on your post. If you think his comment can affect your page audience, you should use the second or third option as given below.
Remember, you can’t recover deleted comments. Once those are deleted then there is no option to recover them.

How to Disable Comments on Facebook

  • Ban him:

As you know “Excess of everything is bad”. If he is publishing bad and irrelevant comments on your post, it can effect on your page’s ranking. To save your page from such people, you should Ban him from your page. For this purpose, you have to click on his comment and select “Ban from the page and delete his comment”.

After this, he won’t be able to comment on any of your posts published through that page. You can remove him from Ban list at any time. For this purpose, go to page setting and select his account. And click on the unBan option.

  • Hide comment:

If you think someone is commenting on your page and his comment is not bad but is irrelevant. You can simply Hide his comment. Just click on his comment and select “Hide comment”. His comment will be no more visible. However, you can unhide those comments at any time.
Facebook is currently working to update facebook. It is to be said that this option will be available on facebook very soon. If you think this article was fantastic, don’t forget to share it with friends.

Last words:

Facebook has a lot of features. But you know “No one is perfect in this world (except Allah)”. So there are many things imperfect on facebook. Like you can’t disable facebook comments on your post but there are many other features that we have discussed above is enough to cover this imperfectness. I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share it with friends. Because “Sharing is Caring”.

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