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Facebook Password SniperFacebook is one of the largest social media networks in the world with more than 2 Billion users. Facebook is earning more than any other social media network. On Facebook, millions of users chat with each other privately. Their privacy and data are secured. But different people/hackers want their access to someone else’s Facebook account to steal their personal data.

And there are different possibilities and ways to hack someone’s facebook account. Facebook, on the other hand, is updating its security system to avoid security issues. But everything is possible in this world and hackers are even more smart and active than facebook.

Facebook Hacking

To access someone’s data without their permission by is called hacking. Hacking a Facebook account is not much difficult as it had been possible for many years. Now Facebook is more secure than before it was. But stills, there are many ways to hack facebook account like Phishing, forget the password, etc. Here I am going to review Facebook Password Sniper in this article.

Facebook Password Sniper

Facebook Password Sniper

Facebook Password Sniper also is known as FPS is an online tool which is used to crack someone’s facebook password. But due to improvement in facebook security, FPS is not working correctly. When anyone wants to hack a facebook account, he/she searches about it on google and is impressed by the FPS tool after checking its reviews on google. Some of these reviews are fack and some reviews are that of Facebook’s old version.

“Hacking is illegal, do this for education purpose only”

How did it work?

Currently, Facebook Password Spiner is not working now. It is an online tool that works on the given process. It gets Victim’s (whom facebook account you are going to hack) account URL, given by you. Then it gets the facebook phone number or email using their tool. (Also remember, now Facebook allows its users to hide their phone number or password) After that, it automatically goes to the facebook login section and enters all possible passwords.

When any of them (password) works and gives that password to you.
(Now if you enter the wrong password for a few times, Facebook won’t allow you to log into that account for one day, and sometimes facebook blocks that IP address).
However, you can install Facebook Password Sniper software on your computer and can also use this tool online by visiting their website.

Facebook Password Sniper

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Is this real?

No, it is no more real. There are 0.0% chances to hack facebook account using this method. It worked for a few years. If you really want to hack someone’s facebook account, you need to be an expert in coding and hacking knowledge. It becomes very easy if you have access to the victim’s mobile phone or phone number.

Other Methods

There are a few other methods to hack facebook account but these methods are real and working. I am going to discuss a few of them as these are listed below with minor details. Stay tuned with our website to read more articles like this.

  • Phishing

In this method, hackers create a website page that looks like the facebook login page. And share its link with the victim by message or email. When a victim enters email and password. It is automatically received by that hacker.
its link looks like this:
www.fecbook.ml/login etc

  • KeyLogger

It is a software which is used to enhance hacking keys in android app. You only have to upload Android app file (.apk) in KeyLogger. It injects secret codes in that app. when Victim installs that app, many permissions are seen there. When he allows those permissions, you can even take a screenshot of his mobile phone at any time. You can steal all of his data and files.

  • Forget Password

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In this method, You have to access the Victim’s Facebook account by using the Forgot Password option. But you don’t have Victim’s mobile phone so you can use “I don’t have access to it” option. For more details, you can read my article.

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Last words

You can search more about them on google. If you find this article(Facebook Password Sniper) helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends. There are many websites that are offering paid services to hack facebook account. But they are back and don’t work at all. Be aware of those scamming sites. I want more info about any of the above method you can comment below.

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