How to Change Facebook Page Name?


Change Facebook Page Name

How to Change Facebook Page Name

In this article, you learn “How to Change Facebook Page Name“. Facebook pages are used to engage users and to promote your business. Facebook allows you to advertise and monetize your facebook. You have to spend money if you are going to advertise your Facebook page. Your posts can reach to a large number of audience depending on the money that you spend.
You can also earn money by monetizing your facebook page. That’s why Facebook pages can play an importent role for your local and online business. If you want to change your facebook page, read this article carefully.

Note: You can’t change the name of a regional or local business Pages

Why we change the name of a facebook page?

You need to change facebook page’s name if you are not happy with this. It may be due to many reasons.
Maybe you have spelling mistakes in name of your facebook page and you want to change it.
Another reason is that many people buy facebook pages with millions of likes to promote their business. And they want to change the name of the page. You can change but it is impossible to change its category.

Note: By changing the facebook page name, its @username or URL will be the same (Like

Further Procedure:

To change the page name, log in to your facebook account and go to your facebook page whom you want to change the name. But its further procedure is different for both Desktop and Mobile devices. Both are listed below:-

On Mobile devices:

On your mobile, open facebook app or facebook lite app. Go to “Pages” and select that page whose name you want to change.
Click on the “more” option tab on the top right, you will see a few options there. Select “Edit page” option in page control.
Now click on “Page info” button and you will see rename page option on first. Now set the name which you want.
Always choose a ralevent name for your page only. Always try to do minor changes only.

Note: This option may not exist on facebook lite app.

On Desktop:

On the desktop, you will see a gear option on top if you visit on your browser.
You will find a lot of options there. Just click on “page info” option and change name of the selected page. That’s it. In short, you have to go to your Page and tap More.
Tap Edit Page > Page Info > Edit Page Name, enter a new name, then tap Continue > Request Change.

Last words:

I have tried my best to solve “How to Change Facebook Page Name” this problem for both mobiles as well as desktop devices. Don’t forget to share with your friends. As this can help someone.

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