How to change PTCL wifi password?


How to change PTCL wifi password

Change PTCL wifi password

Today I will teach you how to change PTCL wifi password in a simple way. PTCL (also known as Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is one of the largest internet and communication network in Pakistan. Government project launched in October 1996. But, it was privatized between 2005 and 2006. A number of products have been launched by PTCL including wifi devices and telephones. EVO Wingle 3G was Pakistan’s first-ever USB enabled wifi device and it was also launched by PTCL.
In this article, I am going to describe “how to change PTCL wifi password?”.

Why change Password?

Usually, you are given a default password by PTCL and you want to change it for security purpose so that no one could use your internet connection because you will lose internet data by this and your internet connection will also be slow down. And the default password is usually difficult to remember.

How to change PTCL wifi password by different steps:


One your computer, open google or any other internet browser which you use. There open a new tab and enter following Link/ URL:-

If this link didn’t work then use this:-
You will see a login page discussed in the next step.


After going to the above URL, you will see a Login page there asking for user name and Password. Here you have to enter user name and password.

For default, both user name and password are “Admin”.
If above user name or password didn’t work then use “User” as Password and user name.
If both didn’t work then you can see both password and user name on the backside of Modem device. All modern Modems now used the password written on its backside.


After opening this page, click on “Advanced settings” Option. we will see many options in “wireless tab” there. You will see about six options in this list just select the “Security” option. You see wifi settings there.
On some devices, you can find these settings in the “Management” Tab option.

STEP 4):

Now you will see the option of WPA/WAPI passphrase bar just click on it and enter the new password that you want for your device.


You just have to change the password and save the settings. Now you can use your PTCL device freely without any security issues. That’s it.
ptcl wifi password show

For more Devices:

If you are using PTCL device then contact “1218” for help. while in the case of other devices, you can get instructions from there office. But, before that try this method.


Your password is your security, you need to select a best and secure password for your device. Here are a few tips that will definitely help you in order to select a secure password.
  • Your password should be easy to remember that you can never forget.
  • As it is listed in the above point that your password should be easy to remember but it should also be difficult to guess. So that no one could guess this password.
  • Don’t use your name, city name or name of your country as a password Because these are common words and anyone can guess them easily.
  • If you still want to use your name or city name as a password then use hyphens (-) and capital words.
  • Your password should be short so that you don’t face any difficulty while typing it again and again.
  • Last and least point is that don’t share a password with any other. If someone is asking for it again and again then you should change it after he has used.

Last words:

The above method change PTCL password works on all PTCL wifi devices. But if you still think this method is not working for your device then comment below. And if you are facing problem in getting default user name or password for your device, then contact PTCL 24/7 service just By dialing their Telephone number “1218” as discussed in the above paragraph. If you enjoyed this article then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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Change PTCL wifi password
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