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How to crop in PhotoShop – ‘Adobe PhotoShop’ also known as PhotoShop is the best photo editing software and one of the most used software on earth. Photoshop is considered as the perfect photo editor due to a number of tools and features used in it. This is not only a photo editor but also a Raster Graphic editor which is something more advanced than photo editing.

This awesome photo editor has first launched on 19 Feb 1988 about 31 years ago and now it is available in latest and advanced form following about 26 different languages. As it is a Professional and paid tool, so you can’t use it without watching its tutorials and courses. But practice makes a man perfect. Today i am going to explain ‘How can we crop images in PhotoShop?’. So let’s start without wasting any time.

Cropping Images

The cropping image can be defined as “Changing number of pixels in an image by Removing away its pixels from the surrounding area“. For example; You have a group photo with your family and you want to upload only your picture on social media. So you can cut your picture from there and can use it anywhere. Now, i w’ll explain you about cropping pictures using Adobe Photoshop.

Note: Cropping an image may affect its quality and magnification.

How to crop in PhotoShop

How to crop in PhotoShop

  • Run ‘Adobe PhotoShop‘ on your computer.
  • Import your picture which you want to crop.
  • Now press “CTRL + C” to use Crop tool or select crop tool by clicking its icon.
  • Create a square or Rectangular shape which you want to keep using a computer mouse. Press Left Button of the mouse to select this area. Keep the mouse button pressed until the cropping area is being selected.
  • After selecting an area of picture, release mouse button.
  • A box will appear there, you can easily rotate, resize, move and delete this box. 

These options are given below:

  • Move Cropped Area

Press mouse “Left Button” and move the cursor to point where you want to place that cropped area of the picture.

Note: Don’t release the mouse button until this task is performed.

  • Resize Cropped Area

Move the cursor to any border point of cropped area, Press mouse Left Button and move the cursor in any direction to resize it. Then, release the mouse button.

  • Rotate Cropped Area

Move the mouse cursor to any corner point of that cropped area and move here and there to rotate it at different angles.

  • Delete Cropped Area

Press “ALT + Delete” button to delete selected area from that picture.

Further Procedure

Press the “Enter” button or click on tick “” icon to crop that picture.

To skip this process you need to press the “Esc” button. Now you can save this image.

Cropping Image by crop command

You can also crop the image with the Crop Command from the PhotoShop menu. For this purpose, you need to follow the given steps.

  1. Select the “Rectangular Marquee” tool from the PhotoShop Tools Panel.
  2. Now Select any rectangular or square area on the image using the mouse cursor.
  3. After this, select “Crop” option of editing penal of Adobe PhotoShop to crop selected area.
  4. Now save this image or proceed with further editing.

How to undo this whole Process?

To undo this process or any previous process, you need to type “CTRL + Z” for window devices and if you are using MAC device, you need to enter “COMMAND + Z“.

Another method to undo this process is to click the “Edit” option from the menu and then select the first option “UNDO CROP“. That’s it

How to check the exact size of the image?

To check the exact size of the image, you need to go to the “Image Menu” and then select “Image Size” option.

Here you will see its size in pixels. You can increase or decrease the size of the whole image by editing its numbers of width and height. You can click on the “Ok” button to confirm editing and can also cancel this procedure by clicking the “Cancel” button.

Other editing Softwares To Crop Images

There is much software other than PhotoShop which can be used to edit photos and “Microsoft Paint” is one of them. This software is usually used for paint and drawings but you can also edit pictures using this software. For this purpose, you need to Import that picture which you want to edit. Set that image on the full page using the mouse cursor and then crop this image easily. You can also crop images easily by using Microsoft PowerPoint. But after doing this, you need to save the file as ‘.png‘ format.

Last words

So This was the simple way how to crop in PhotoShop easily. Adobe Photoshop is very difficult to use but i recommend you to watch videos on youtube and other platforms. To become an expert, you need to do practice because Practice makes a man perfect. Stay tuned with this website to read such interesting articles. Have a good day 🙂

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