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Online jobs in Pakistan

Online Jobs in Pakistan

Online Jobs in Pakistan – Everything is becoming more and more advanced day by day. After the invention of the computer and the internet, man is doing every of his work in minutes and seconds. It is the modern age of “Artificial Intelligence“.
Pakistan is still a developing country. Most of its population consists of young. Due to the lack of Jobs and Opportunities, Pakistan is facing many crises. Many Pakistani’s are being scammed by those websites who are hiring people to earn money online without any investment but are not actually paying.

So, keep in mind that You cannot earn money by doing such things, you should search for a job that you can do.
That’s today I am going to describe to you about “Online Jobs in Pakistan“.

List Of Online Jobs in Pakistan:

  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Freelancing
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Content writing
  • Web development
  • Logo designing
  • Marketing
  • App development
  • Search engine optimization

Data Entry Jobs:

A data entry job is the most common way to earn money online. But unfortunately, this field is being filled with scammers. So don’t be a fool. There are a number of companies and individuals in Pakistan hiring people for data entry jobs. You can find their ads on different apps and websites like olx etc.
Most of these companies are from Lahore and Karachi. You should check whether it is fraud or not before applying there. You can submit your CV online. If You are an expert in English and should have a normal qualification to apply for these jobs. If you have any question about this, you can ask in comments.


Freelancing is a type of job that you do in different companies. You don’t have to work on a monthly basis. You have to simply find a task, you will be paid before or after work. This task depends upon your skills.
For example:
You are an expert in video editing and any youtuber is looking for an editor that can edit his video. You can earn money by doing this work.
But wait, A question arrives, from where you can find such a task??? Here are a few platforms where you can find such jobs.


Fiverr online jobs

Fiverr is a platform that is providing freelancers the best opportunity to work online and earn money. The best feature of this platform is that it is safe from scammers. No one can scam here. A client has to submit his money to Fiverr, the Fiverr will send that money to you after work.
For this purpose, you have to install the “Fiverr” app from the play store. You can also signup on if you are a computer user. After creating your account you have to update your profile info and all other skills that you have. Then, create Gigs of work which you can do also show the amount of money that you want.
Like this

I can create a professional looking portfolio website just in 100$ etc.

Your gigs will rank according to your performance. After your work, the client can give reviews about your work with comments and 1-5 star ratings. Your gig’s ranking also depends upon the time which you took to do that work.


upwork online jobs

Upwork is another Platform for freelancers that works like Fiverr. Like Fiverr, you can also find the task and work to do. Due to the freelancer’s interest, up work is not much popular among them. But yet it is performing well. On upwork, you have to follow the same rules and tips that I have mentioned below.

Here are a few tips that you should follow if you want to maintain your performance on Fiverr as well as up work:

  • Don’t copy the material from anyone’s gig.
  • Don’t use google images to show that it’s your work. Clients are not fools. This is also a kind of spamming.
  • Always try to use less time to complete your work.
  • Ask your client to review your gig.
  • Be active on Fiverr (and upwork), instead of using social media.
  • Always try to describe your work in the description instead of describing your self.
  • Most developed countries have their time completely different from Pakistan. So don’t sleep at night time.
  • Because companies in developed countries spend more money than any other.
  • Many users also buy and exchange fiverr reviews, this is also a kind of spamming.
  • If you have any questions regarding with Fiverr and upwork, you can ask in comments.

Social Media:

I know both of the Fiverr and upwork are the best platforms for freelancers. But a 3rd party is involved between you and your client. As we know “No one is perfect in this world (except Allah)”. So If your client claimed that you haven’t worked well even your work was best, you won’t be paid by Fiverr or upwork.

All the amounts will be transferred to the Fiverr or upwork’s account. And in most cases, your account will be blocked. And you won’t be able to reopen it until you create a new account.
We are going to discuss this issue for Pakistani’s, so we know that there are many people who even can’t pay mobile data charges to work online. They can use free facebook to do online jobs in pakistan. There are many facebook groups for Upwork and Fiverr in Pakistan. You can join those groups. You can receive those payments by Jazzcash and easy paisa.

Pro tips:

  • Be aware of scammers
  • Get the money first and do work later.
  • Use your original facebook account to show that you are trusted.
  • Always be active in groups and try to comment as soon as possible on posts.
  • Always try to deal through admin.

What type of jobs???

There are many types of jobs that you can do online. Here are a few online jobs listed below:

Graphic Design:

Graphic design

You have seen many images that are designed beautifully. Like you can see one on this post. You can also design such graphic images and can earn money on Fiverr and upwork. Usually, PhotoShop is used on the computer to design such images. However, mobile users can use PicsArt also. There are a lot of courses available on Youtube.

Content writing:

It is to be said that “content is a king”. Because it is the most important factor to drive traffic to any website. Content is easy like I am writing content and you are reading this. If you think you can also write like me, then join Fiverr or upwork to convert your passion to earnings. To improve your skills, you can start a blog.

Web development:

web development means to develop a website like this website. There are two parts of web development, one is “Domain name” while the second one is “Hosting“.Usually, WordPress(.org) is used to design a website. You can read more tutorials about this from our website.

Logo designing:

A logo is the symbol or mark of any company. Like in Pakistan, Geo news has a logo of Jeem (in Urdu) and PCB has the logo of Yellow Star, etc.
PhotoShop is used to design any type of logo. I have already mentioned it at the first point.


Marketing means to promote any product on or off the internet. Usually, many companies hire marketers to Promote their products on websites and social media. You just only have to write an article on your website if you have one. Otherwise, you can promote that product on Facebook by advertising it. There are many tutorials and courses available on youtube.

Managing Social accounts:

Recently, a news came about PM Imran Khan that his Twitter account was being handled by one of his closest friends. There are many (thousands) of people who don’t have much time to manage their social media accounts. Those accounts are handled by freelancers. All the actors, politicians and cricketers are not handling their account.

App development:

After web development, app development is the largest industry which is growing day by day. Usually “Android Studio” is used to develop apps. But the easiest way is Thinkable. You can see many videos about this on youtube.

Video editing:

There are lots of software which are used to edit any video. Usually, these tasks are given by youtubers. You can learn more about video editing on youtube.

Search engine optimization:

search engine optimization

It is also related to the web development field. When you search about something on google you found hundreds of Articles. A few of them are on Google’s first page, a few on second and so on… Those articles that are on Google’s first page are optimized well. There are two types of SEO (search engine optimization), one is on page SEO while the second one is off page SEO.

Final Words:

I have explained “Online Jobs in Pakistan” for students as well as any person. I hope you enjoyed this article if you really like it then don’t forget to share with your friends because “Sharing Is Caring”.

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