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Railway jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan Railway Jobs – The railway is the second largest source of transport in Pakistan. As the Pakistan railway is a government department, so every employee has a limited time to work there. So a large number of vacancies come every year. And the present government is also working hard to improve the railway in Pakistan. Railway lines are present in almost all cities of Pakistan (almost). You can apply for railway jobs in Pakistan and can get enough payment as this is a government department. You can apply for a job in Railway if you have a graduation of Matric, Diploma (electric/civil),, Bachelor, engineering, and B.pherma, etc.

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Here I am going to explain a few jobs in Pakistan in the railway and their requirements.


Engineering has more scope in Pakistan as compared with the medical field. You can work as an engineer on the railway. If you have just passed matric, you should go for Fsc in engineering then get any degree in Mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. You can also do a diploma in electrical and civil engineer after matric. Every year jobs come in railway for engineers. You can apply for it online. Further, you have to pass the PTS test for it. But if you selected, your income will be enough for you. You will also be given a Quarter house to live with your family if you are transferred to any other city.

junior technical associate:

For this post, you should have a degree or diploma in the technical field. For Junior technical associate you can apply after BSC. You can find railway job ads in newspapers and also on classified websites. You can also apply for it online.

Assistant Manager:

If you want to work as an assistant manager in the Pakistan railway, you should have a degree of You can do after matric. And you want to do the same job at a higher scale (manager), you should have a higher degree and diploma.

Medical field:

It is not compulsory to do engineering if you want any job in Railway. Here are a few jobs in the medical field stated below:-

General Duty Medical Officer:

It is a high scale job, you can apply for this job if you have a higher degree in the medical field like M.B.B
S. However, work is the same as other doctors. He works as a senior doctor, he has to check his patients.

Medical practitioner:

This is also a high scale job in the medical field and you need a higher degree like M.B.B.S or post graduation in this field. For this, you have to work as a doctor as well as an assistant doctor. He checks up his patient and sends him with his reports to the Medical officer for further treatment. You can find railway ads for the vacancy of Medical practitioners on newspapers and also on classified websites.


Nursing Superintendent:

This post is available for both males and females. For this job, you should have a degree in B.Pherma, any diploma in the medical field or at least you should have qualification till 12th (Fsc/Fa). This job is to assisting your doctors and taking care of patients etc.

Railway jobs in Pakistan

Other Jobs:

If you don’t have any degree in both medical and engineering field. There are many jobs other than this. You can apply for these jobs. You should have at least a matric degree to apply for such jobs. These jobs are listed below:-

  • Driver:

Train driving is much difficult than any other. You don’t need any special and higher degree to apply for this however you should have years of experience in driving. You can get information for vacancies from newspapers and classified websites. You can also get training from several driving institutes. You can search for those institutes from google.

  • Assistant Driver:

One or two assistant drivers also work on every train. These assistant drivers are newly selected drivers that work as an assistant to train himself. You cannot become Driver directly. You have to work as an assistant driver for a few months or years for this.

  • Station Master:

The stationmaster is a ticket seller in a railway station. He has to stay there for full time. It is also his duty to help any passengers.

It is also his duty to help any passengers. To apply for this job, you should have Bachelor or Masters degree in Arts also known as B.A and M.A. His salary is enough and he is also given Quarter house from the government to live there with his family.

  • Gateman:

For this post, the minimum requirement is the degree in Matric. If you have passed matric exams, you can apply for this post. It is compulsory to pass all the subjects. You can read railway ads in the newspaper as well as on classified websites. Unfortunately, this department is full of mafias so there are only little chances for you to be selected as a gateman. It is a very simplest but critical job. You only have to open road gates at the arrival of the train. But only a little mistake can take someone’s life.

  • Trackman:

Same like gate man job, you can apply for this job if you have passed matric exams. It is also a simple job. You only have to change tracks of railway lines at the arrival of the train. This job is even more dangerous than a gate man job. If you didn’t change tracks at the time, it can take someone’s life. You should apply for this job only if you are responsible.

  • Pean:

You can apply for a government job as a pean in the railway. Unfortunately, you also need a matric degree to apply for this job, however, there is no need for it. You have to work as a cleaner and helper for this job. You can apply for this job by contacting the nearby railway station.

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Railway jobs in Pakistan

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