20 Best Sites Like Kissanime to Watch Anime Online


Kissanime is one of the most famous anime show streaming websites on the internet which provide us anime collection. The site is used to stream anime content online. It provides the best English dubbed anime in HD quality. So today we discuss 20 best sites like Kissanime. It is a website where anime lovers spend their time. it has the largest collection of videos with high quality. But there are many things missing in kissanime.

To fill this gap of KissAnime, a number of other websites are available on the internet. Many of the websites are newly launched that is working great. These anime websites are the best alternative to KissAnime. From these websites, you can find and download anime videos for free. These websites are increasing day by day and are available in large numbers, but I am going to list them according to their ratings and performance.


It is illegal to download anime from KissAnime, Do this at your own risk.

Issues In KissAnime

KissAnime is the best site but due to some legal and technical issues, this website has been taken down many times. Its official domain name was kissanime.com which is not currently working now. At present, KissAnime is available on the kissanime.ru domain name. Recently, this site was taken down during summer 2017. Users face difficulty while the site stop working. That’s why I am going to provide Sites Like Kissanime so that users can go on safe way.

20 Best Sites Like Kissanime

You need to know about those websites that are similar to kissanime due to several issues whom I have discussed in the previous point. There are many websites that are alternative to kissanime and I am going to mention only the best 20 of them below in a list.

  1. Animexd.me >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

If you are thinking to visit any other website like or better than KissAnime, then visit animexd. A large and best collection of anime series makes it better than kissanime in some ways. Usually, it is difficult to find HD quality anime on Kissanime, there are only a few videos with HD result. But, you have an option to watch high-quality anime video on AnimeXd.

Like Kissanime, AnimeXd also allows its users to register or login for free. While in the trending section, you will see only those videos that are most loved and watched just like you see in KissAnime. You can also chat with other people online on AnimeXd to share your experience with each other.

  1. Masterani.one >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

It is also an alternative site for Kissanime. It contains large collections of anime clips. You can also select whether you want to see “recently uploaded” or most “popular” anime shows. The popularity of any video is judged by checking the search history of every user and most watched anime is added in “popular” anime section. In Masterani, you can also create your own anime playlists and can even save any anime to watch later. Masterani.me has its look and layouts different from KissAnime but still, it has many things similar to that.

  1. Anime-Planet.com >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

In Anime-Planet, you can find almost all anime in HD quality. All the anime on this site are categorized in “newest anime”, “most watched” and “most popular”. These animes are categorized according to their views and likes. As its name describes, Anime-Planet is a planet of animes. You can watch awesome HD anime from anime-planet.com for free.

  1. GoGoAnimes.tv >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

GogoAnimes could not be missed while making a list of sites that are Like Kissanime. You can watch newly released anime in high-quality results. All the anime available on gogoanimes are totally free, premium memberships and premium offers do not exist on this website.

  1. 9anime.to >> Visit

with more than 26000 anime shows and movies, 9anime is from those sites having a large addition of anime shows. It does not look like KissAnime but many of its options are making it the best alternative to 9anime. You can also stream any anime show in HD quality.

  1. Anilinkz.to >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

Anilinkz is one of the most frequently visited websites for Anime shows. All the shows divided into different categories. You can select any category to watch amazing anime clips. It is the best alternative to KissAnime as it has many features similar to kissanime.

  1. Horriblesubs.info >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

Horriblesubs is the only site in this list that allows you to Download any anime which you like. That’s why this site has more downloads than its views. This website is newly launched and all of the anime shows are available in HD quality.

  1. Gogoanime.se >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

In GegoAnime, you can easily select categories to watch anime. This website uses an advanced and fast search bar to show a 100% accurate result to its users. You can search not only for the title, but you can also search for tags used in that anime you want to search. It is from one of those websites whose database is filled with millions of files. A large collection of anime shows, videos and movies are available on this website. This is one of the Sites Like Kissanime.

  1. Animeseason.com

It is the newest website on this list, it is newly launched on the internet but has gained much fame and popularity in a short period. This website is user-friendly and has many unique features which make this website grow fast and earn fame in a very short time. This website also allows its users to vote for anime which you love. And these votings used to add animes by list in popular shows category. So, only users can decide which anime deserves its place here and which do not. Like KissAnime, AnimeSeason has a number of features that urged me to the mentio website in this list.

  1. Crunchyroll >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

It is one of the top anime websites and has the largest collection of anime in the world. From this website, you can easily find every anime series that you want. You can also use premium membership with the free trial. In some ways, this website looks better and advance than KissAnime like you will see all videos in the form of the slide show which makes this more attractive and beautiful.

In this website, users can enjoy only limited content. To enjoy unlimited content you need to use a premium membership account. Which is not free. You have to pay if you want to use premium membership. You can also use the free trial.

  1. WatchAnimeDub

watch anime dub is the best alternatives to KissAnime here you can fund a variety of anime videos. But this website has a bundle of ads in it. You will see popup and video ads that will disturb you. This website has more than 50 Million monthly visitors and is much famous in the United States and Europian countries.

  1. AniWatcher >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

It is a sister website of Anilinkz whom I have already mentioned in this list. AniWatcher has a huge collection of Anime shows and movies and is entertaining more than 0.8 Million monthly unique visitors. Most of its features and anime shows are common with Anilinkz.

  1. AnimeNova >> Visit

it is a simple website like KissAnime. It doesn’t have much attractive and beautiful layout but it is user-friendly. Even it is not too old but this site has more than 3 million monthly unique visitors. This site is gaining much popularity and is growing day by day.

  1. Animelab >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

AnimeLab provides each anime video with its dubbed versions so that users can listen to them in every language. The best thing on this website is that it provides sub-titles with it. A number of advanced features are enhanced in this website that is enough to make each and every anime love happy. But unfortunately, this website works only in Newzealand and Australia and users from these two countries can enjoy this awesome site. You can also buy its premium version.

  1. Animefreak.tv >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

This is also an anime site and the best alternative to KissAnime. This website is arranged like tv as you can see in its domain name title. In AnimeFreak, all the videos are arranged and are categorized according to anime type. Its categories include Horror, Romantic, Comedy, Fighting, War, Adventure, Vampire, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Magic, Space, Cartoons, Cars, Fantasy, Parody, Psychological and Martial Arts, etc. You can find a large collection of anime videos from here.

  1. Chia-anime.tv >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

it is one of the best sites like Kissanime. As you can see in its name, it is a China-based site. You will see an option to watch anime with English or china sub-title. China-Anime has a unique website design which makes it much different from others. You can find anime soundtracks, movies, drama and Manga from China-anime .tv. It is also the best solution for devices with slow speed and slow internet connection.

  1. Anime heaven.eu

AnimeHeaven is a top rated anime and video website. It has unique layouts and style. This sit is clean from all legal issue that most websites of this category face. All the content available on this website copyrighted and its rights reserved. You can both watch and download any anime to watch later. You can find a large collection of anime videos from anime heaven .eu. This site also one of the Sites Like Kissanime.

  1. Animedaisuki.moe >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

AnimeDaisuki not only gives a chance to watch anime on the website, however, you can also watch anime on their official android and ios app. You can easily install this app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. bA large number of anime shows are added on Animedaisuki on a daily basis. You can not only watch these shows but can also save to watch it later.

  1. OtakuStream >> Visit

Sites Like Kissanime

OtakuStream is a community-based anime site which is the best alternative to KissAnime. On this website, users can also like, comment, request and share any anime video with their friends. This website has more than 15 million monthly unique visitors and this website is growing day by day. it is the only website in this list which provides a chance to its users to upload any unique anime show which does not exist anywhere. Just like Youtube, its publishers can upload anime on this website.

  1. KissAnime.club >> Visit

Kissanime.club is the best alternative to kissanime and has the same website design. KissAnime.club has its domain name similar to KissAnime. The best thing is that this website is not using KissAnime’s name illegally. This site has its own unique logo design. You will find many anime shows with good content from here. This website also faced many legal issues of copyright but now it is providing best and legal content to its users.

How to download anime videos from KissAnime?

You can also download anime videos from KissAnime, but it is illegal as it is against Kissanime’s terms and conditions. Follow these steps to download anime:-

1)- First choose the episode if anime that you want to download.

2)- You will see a “Play” icon to start the video.

You don’t have to click here.

3)- Now copy the link (URL) of that page.

4)- If you have any download manager like “IDM”, Just paste the link there to download the video.

Last Words

This article was written for anime lovers. I have listed the Sites Like Kissanime offering anime shows for free. This list may exclude many of the top and famous website but those are excluded because those websites don’t provide good content. I have listed 20 best anime streaming websites. If you found this article helpful, share this with your friends and don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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  1. Kissanime website has a large collection of anime videos that you can access online for free and has millions of subscribers which is growing every day. With Kissanime website being taken down a few times, it’s a good idea to find out some similar sites like kissanime that works much better.


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