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To save time and efforts, e-commerce websites are being preferred by millions of users all over the world. These websites are now available with different design and look. But today i am going to explain “Wish” and websites like wish.

Wish is a website and app (Android & Ios) where customers can create a wish list for all those atoms they want to buy. It is hard to believe that “Wish is just like a social media platform as it do not host/stock any product”. This is a US (San Francisco) based website first launched in 2010 by US company “ContextLogic Inc”. This website was, first of all, launched a mobile application and most of its traffic is coming from their android app. After launching in 2010, Wish become much popular just in a few days. It also started “Advertisement” on facebook. After 5 years (In 2015) two of the largest e-commerce networks “Amazon” and “Alibaba” approached Wish and offered more than “10 Billion $” to buy this application but Wish rejected their Offer and aimed to work hard to become one of the largest online shopping platforms on earth.

A large number of products are available there on Wish but none of them is hosted by Wish and even Wish can’t place order and review return by themselves. That’s why the different seller does scam by providing a product which is completely different from one mentioned or shown on Wish. That’s why you should also know about other websites like Wish whom I have mentioned below with details.

Best Sites Like Wish

sites like wish

1) OverStock

Overstock is one of the most visited shopping websites. It is a website like wish but it is more trusted and preferred by users. Overstock is also famous for Special discounts, offers and promo codes which provide its users with an opportunity to buy everything in cheap rates. Like wish, overstock is also a US-based website but it was founded in 1997 about 13 years before Wish.

2) Ali Express

Ali Express is even more popular than Wish. It is a China-based website launched by Alibaba group on 26 April 2010. Alibaba Group launched Ali Express in 2010 but it didn’t earn much popularity at the beginning that’s why Alibaba group wanted to buy “Wish” company in $10 Billion. Now Ali Express is much popular and has 34 Alexa Ranking (As per July 2019).

3) LightInTheBox

It is a China-based website launched in 2007. It is working worldwide by delivering products to more than 200 countries. LightInTheBox has also launched its lite version (MiniInTheBox). A large number of products categorized in different types are available here waiting for you to place your order. This website is like a wish in many ways as it do not host any product by themselves and give a chance to sellers to sell their products.

4) Lazada

Lazada is e-commerce (Shopping) website like a wish. It was launched by “Rocket Internet” in 2012. During 2013, they launched their Android and Ios mobile app. Till 2016, lazada became too much popular that Alibaba group bought this website and still this website is being owned by Alibaba group. Just visit their website to reach hundreds of products including branded clothing, Households and other accessories.

5) BangGood

Bang Good is another shopping website like a wish. It provides a number of facilities like a refund, returns, and discount which will make your deal easy and cheaper than before. Bang Good is one of the most trusted sites in this list. Different top listed brands are selling their products here. It is the right place to reach trending products as a number of new products are added on a daily basis.

6) Gear Best

Gear Best is the best UK based shopping website working all over the world. This site is providing a wide range of clothing, electronics, gadgets, and other equipment. Gear Best has many features like wish but it is famous for their best customer support. Due to best refund and return policy, Gear Best urged me to list this website here among world top shopping websites.

7) Geek

Geek is also a project of Wish and nearly looks like a lite version of wish. It was also first launched as a mobile application and now it is offering all features on their website. Like wish, headquarter of Geek is in San Francisco, united states. But geek provides a best return & refund policy which makes this app even more comfortable than a wish. This app does not work in all countries and takes a normal delivery fee.

8) Fab

Fab is the best alternative to Wish. Fab has its own social media network where they share info for trending products, upcoming designs, and special offers. Fab is mostly preferred by them who like trending clothing and clothing-related accessories. Just like wish, fab also gives an opportunity for Sellers to sell their products easily and also promote their products on the internet. This website has features similar to wish more than any other website in this list but Fab has not earned much popularity and it didn’t reach much visitors.

9) Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress is another member of online shopping websites giving easy access to clothes, accessories, beauty products, casual clothes, tops, and bottoms. All of these products are well categorized on their website. The most important part of this website is their best return policy of 30 days warranty. You can also find branded products in cheap rates. But this website charges a normal delivery fee (depending on your location). Sammy Dress works all over the world.

10) Hollar

Hollar is an American website having headquarter in Santa Monica, California (USA). Hollar is providing a large number of products at cheap rates and also delivering all over the world. When you purchase anything above 25$ USD, you we’ll get free shipping service and if your order is less than listed price you will be asked to pay extra charges for this. Hollar is boasting their products and also promoting over the internet to attract more and more visitors just like Wish who is advertising on facebook, google, youtube and other platforms.

Last Words

Wish is amazing and most growing website over the internet but you should know about other websites like wish as they can provide more facilities as compared with Wish. I recommend you to please read all of the above paragraphs to analyze things. Please give an answer to my question in comments:

Which website do you prefer to buy something online?

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