11 Best Stores Like Forever 21


Stores Like Forever 21 – Forever 21 is one of the most famous and leading online stores in the world. It was officially launched in the United States but now it is working in almost all europian countries and also providing shipping all over the world. According to a report, Forever 21 is the fifth store among most growing stores in the United States.  But you can’t buy everything from here, there are many other stores like Forever 21 whom I have listed below.


Best Stores Like Forever 21

Stores like forever 21

  1. Boohoo

Boohoo is an alternative store for Forever 21. It is one of those stores that are famous for best and cheap rates. New and trending designs for both men and women are added to this online store on a daily basis. If you are looking to buy clothes for a special event, you will find a lot of new products and collections in Boohoo. Another attractive thing is that it provides up to 40% discount on every order and shipping is totally free.

  1. Showpo

Showpo provides branded shoes, heels, jewelry, and other accessories as Forever 21 does, That’s why I am listing this store here. You will see the products of many famous brands here. Special discounts and offers are announced on different occasions. Showpo provides fast shipping if your order is more than 50$, otherwise, you have to pay for this service.

  1. Dotti

Dotti is an online shopping store like Forever 21. It originally works in Australia. You can find tops, shoes, jackets, hand watches and other accessories at cheap rates but mostly tight and transparent jeans are sold here. In Australia, you can find your product within a day however you have to wait for days if you are not from here. Shipping service is free for Australians only.


Dissh is famous for sexy and hot dresses. If you are going for a date or night dinner with your boyfriend, Dish will make you look like a queen. You will see topless, transparent and tight dresses here. Dissh also has a huge collection of men’s fashion. Usually, prices are very high for branded products but you also have a chance to save up to 40% to 50% with a special discount from the dish.

  1. Mango

Mango is one of the most famous online stores. Like forever 21, Mango also sells clothes of famous brands. You can also buy hand watches, jewelry, jackets and much more from here.  Mango’s shipping service is fast but not free at all.

  1. Claire’s

If you are a big fan of Trending accessories, then you are at right place. A number of new branded products for men, women, and kids are added in Claire’s online store on a daily basis. It also looks like forever 21. Its special offers and discounts are making this store unique from others. Claire’s provide free and fast home delivery anywhere.

  1. H&M

H&M stands for “Hennes and Mauritz”. H and M is a Swedish online clothing store. You will find trending and fashion clothing for women, men, and kids. H&M now officially works in many countries. You will see a number of stores and clothing shops in India and other Asian countries. H&M was originally founded in 1947 and now it has most of its sales from India and China.

  1. ONLY

Only is also an online fashion store like Forever 21. A large collection of western fashion is available here. You will not only get everything in cheap rates but ONLY also provides up to 10 percent special discount for students and kids.

  1. Zara

Zara was originally founded in 1975 in the beautiful country of Spain. It is not only an online fashion store, but it is also a famous clothing brand. You will see a large collection of Zara brand on top shopping websites. After getting popularity as a brand, It launched their online store and become too much famous that I have listed it here.

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  1. Topshop

As its name describes, TopShop is a top-level online store. It is one of those stores that original work only in one city but provide shipping all over the world. Topshop works in London and sells branded products for men, women, and kids. Its shipping time and price varies for countries to countries but this service is free in London and England.

  1. ASOS

ASOS stands for “As Seen On Screen”, it is a famous online store in England. It is even more famous than Forever 21, but I am listing this here on the 11th number because ASOS does not look 100% like Forever 21.

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Last words

I have tried my best to mention only those stores that really deserve their place here. I am not promoting any of the above stores and none of the online stores is affiliated with our website. Share with your friends to help them in finding the best store for shopping And don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.



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