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How do I turn off Facebook Notifications

turn off Facebook Notifications

Turn off Facebook Notifications – Facebook is a social media platform having billions of users. Most of the Facebook users are using Facebook on their mobile phones. On Google play store facebook is a top trending app for many years. Facebook wants his users to be active that’s why “notification” is a way to keep users alert from everything happening there and we will discuss how to turn off facebook notifications.

As we know that “excess of everything is bad“, sometimes facebook notifications disturb its users. When someone turns the internet connection on, a bundle of notifications disturbs him a lot. So, many users want to hide those notifications. That’s why I am going to describe it.

Turn off Facebook Notifications By Using Two Methods For Mobile User:

        1.Using Mobile Setting:

  • Go to the mobile setting by clicking on the “gear” icon on the top right of the mobile screen.
  • Then, select “Application manager”.After this, find facebook and click on “notification” options inside it.
  • And then select “Disable”.
  • Here you can also turn off notifications for other apps like Whatsapp, imo and twitter.
  • But if you are not familiar with your phone’s setting, then you can simply turn off facebook notifications using the facebook app as discussed in the 2nd method.

      2.Using the Facebook App setting:

  • Open your facebook app.
  • Go to “setting”.
  • Click on “notification setting”.
  • You will see the option “notifications from the app” there.
  • Just click here and turn it off.

If you have already “Disabled” notifications by using the 1st method, then you won’t be able to turn it on using facebook app. For this purpose, you have to to do this in mobile settings. You can also apply the above methods in case of messenger and facebook lite.

Desktop (Laptop) User:

When you visit any website, you see a popup like “want to receive notification?” there. When you click on the “Allow” button, you start receiving notifications from those sites. These notifications are called “Push Notifications”.
Many famous websites including Facebook are using this feature to get traffic.

Computer users use google or any other search engine to use facebook by visiting facebook.com. Many mobile users are also using facebook on google. When you signup or log into Facebook, you see a popup asking for allow notifications. And many people click on the “Allow” button unknowingly. After this, they face troubles by receiving a lot of notifications from facebook. They don’t have any clear method to block those notifications. here is the method to block facebook push notifications on the computer.

  • First of open any browser and search facebook and open it.
  • Then Go to the settings options on the right side of your Facebook profile.
  • You see on left sides many options you want to search the “Notification” option.
  • When you open the “Notification option” then you see all notifications and sound, from here you can turn off facebook notification easily.

Some Screen Shot Above Process:

Turn Off Notifications Using Different Browsers:


  • Open google browser on your computer, if you are using google.
  • Go to “site setting”
  • Click on the “notifications” button.
  • Here you will see several sites from where you are receiving push notifications
  • Select “facebook.com” or any other site whose notifications you want to block.
  • And block that site.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open internet explorer
  • Select tools button
  • On the privacy tab, select “settings” under a Pop-up blocker.
  • In the dialog box, clear all notifications bar.

That’s it.

Now you won’t receive notifications in internet explorer. Facebook notifications will not disturb you anymore. However, you can see those notifications on facebook.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • In Mozilla Firefox, click on the “menu” icon on the top right.
  • You will see many icons there, select “options”
  • Select “content” at the left of the page.
  • To disable notifications, click on “Do not disturb me”.
  • You will not receive any notification until you change the setting.
    That’s it.

Final Words:

I have explained How to turn off facebook notifications for mobile app users as well as Desktop users. I hope you enjoyed this article if you really like it then don’t forget to share with your friends because “Sharing Is Caring”.

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