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Today I am going to explain how to Uninstall Avast Antivirus from your computer. The question looks very simple because it is easier to uninstall any software than installing that one. But in the case of Avast, the situation changes. Because some of its files remain on the computer even after uninstalling it. These files occupy a huge space of your storage and also cause your computer to work slow. So, It becomes necessary for you to uninstall avast with a proper and best way, that’s why I am here to solve this issue.

There are many methods to uninstall avast antivirus from your computer but I am going to describe only that method which is simple as well as easy to understand. So, let’s start without wasting your time.


You should install any other Anti Virus Software before or after doing this, so that your device may remain safe from the virus which can affect your computer badly.


How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus

  • Step 1

If you are using windows 7 and window XP, you have to open “Control Panel”. You will see a lot of options there. After that click on “Program and feature” option and select “Avast Anti-virus”.

While in case of that you are using windows 10, you have to open “Start Menu”. Then choose “Settings”, After that click “System” and select option of “Apps & Features”. Here you will see “Avast anti-virus”, just click here.


  • Step 2

Now select the “Uninstall” option given there. They will ask you to confirm whether you want to uninstall it or not?

You have to select the “yes” option if you are going to follow my steps.


  • Step 3

Avast will show a pop up for permissions. You have to again select the “Yes” option.

(Select No option if you are testing this, or you don’t want to uninstall this software).


  • Step 4

Now the process of uninstallation of Avast will start automatically. This will take a few seconds depending on your computer speed. Don’t shut down or close your computer.


  • Step 5

Now Avast has been uninstalled successfully. After that Avast will ask you to restart your computer.

You should restart your computer to avoid a number of errors.


Remove Avast completely from your computer

The above process has been ended and you have uninstalled avast from your computer. But a few of its files still exist in your computer. For this purpose, you need to use “Avast Removal Software” whom I am going to discuss in the below paragraph.


Avast Removal Tool

Avast removal tool is a software created by Avast inc. You can download this tool from their official website. Avast Anti Virus software has some issue while uninstalling it. A number of its corrupted files left behind there in the computer. Avast tried to solve this issue but failed. After that, they launched another software named “Avast Removal Tool” which is used to clean all those files from your computer.


  • Step 6

Download “Avast removal software” for your computer. You can officially download the latest version from the avast website. Download Avast Removal Software for free


  • Step 7

Install “Avast removal software” which you downloaded in the previous step. And launch this software.


  • Step 8

Now “Browse” the folder where avast software existed before the uninstallation. If you don’t remember the folder then select “default” option there.


  • Step 9

Now select the “Remove” option to remove all avast files from that folder.

That’s why to be careful while selecting the folder in the previous folder otherwise you will lose all of your content available in selected folders.



If you are 100% sure that you have removed all the avast files from your computer, then you should simply uninstall Avast Removal tool. You will see an “uninstall.exe” file in the software folder. Just open that file, the Avast removal tool will be uninstalled automatically.


  • Step 10

Last and least step is that you have to restart your computer. This process is required for you otherwise your computer will slow down and may cause some errors.

How to install Avast removal tool?

It is very easy to install the Avast removal tool. You will download the a.Zip file if you downloaded from the official file. You just have to unzip that file in any folder.

Tips to Uninstall any Software like Avast Antivirus

We all prefer to uninstall that software which we don’t like or we are laking of free space in our computer. It is very easy to uninstall any software but sometime it may cause errors. Here are a few tips that you should follow while uninstalling any software.

  • Try to use the “uninstall” option instead of deleting that folder where software (.exe) exists.
  • Don’t shut down your computer while the process of uninstallation is not completed yet.
  • Don’t close the uninstallation process, this may cause some errors.
  • Always restart your computer when the process of uninstallation is completed.


Last Words

I have explained the simplest and easiest way to uninstall avast antivirus. I also suggest you install any other antivirus software of the best quality. If you found this article useful, share this with your friends and don’t forget to give your feedback in comments. Thanks.

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