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Best Methods To Disable Comments On WordPress

Wordpress Disable Comments

In this article, I will Discuss WordPress Disable Comments -When you Disable Comments then anyone can’t comment on your post or page if you want to really Disable WordPress comments then read complete and carefully this article.

Comments are a method through which we can take the view of our content from people or have been subject to our product, how our product is engaged, how it is our content, and how it is best. Very often it happens that our content or the product or the thing that we are selling is very good, many people are also liked, but there is a small mistake which we can not see.

People do not have much time to contact with us and tell us this thing that if you have enabled comments, then they will give comment and you can give an opinion that this is a little problem in this thing or it is problematic or it does not look good on this thing.

On the other hand, comments make some problems, Some people have a small website or a small blog in which they have a low-limited hosting. When a lot of visitors visit their website and commenting on the website then their website goes down sometimes it happens that when more comments come, it takes a lot of time to load the page. The page speed of website very low. According to WEO when the speed of any website is slow, then the ranking of that website is also down.

There are three ways by which you can disable comments:

  1. Disable Comments by WordPress Options

  2. Disable Comments by Plugin

  3. Comments Disable by Codes


Comments Disabled With WordPress Options:

First of all, we start from WordPress own option by which we can disable WordPress comments. By this, we can’t install any plugin and place any code.

Disable comments on just one post(page):

Wordpress Disable Comments

For this first of all should go all posts options then choose your post and click on Quick edit option. After this you see on right side Allow Comments Options from this you disable your post or page comments easily.

To disable comments on selected posts(pages):

Wordpress Disable Comments

For this first of all go to all posts(page) option then select posts and click Quick edit option, when you click then you can see quick editor will be open. On the right side, you see comments section option, where two options will be available one is Allow Comments and other is All pings. Now you disable comments and after disabling then update your content and then everything is now done.

Disable Comments in Feature posts or pages:

Wordpress Disable Comments

If you want to WordPress Disable Comments on features posts or pages then you can easily. For this purpose you should go WordPress settings option then Discussion option, on this option you see two more options, you want to disable 2nd (Allow link notifications from other blogs)  and 3rd (Allow People to post comments on new articles). After that, you can’t receive any comments in your feature post.

Disable Comments With Plugin:

There are many plugins in the market by which you can disable WordPress comments. Disable comments by WordPress is the easiest way. But I will give you the best and free comments disable the plugin. The name of this plugin is “Disable Comments “.

Wordpress Disable Comments by plugin

The user of this plugin is more them one million active installs with the 4.9 out of 5-star rating. By this plugin, you can disable comments with just one click. If you can’t disable comments by WordPress option then you can use this best and free plugin for disabling WordPress comments.
If you want to enable WordPress comments then just simply deactivate this plugin, the comment will be enabled on your all posts and pages.


Disable Comments With Code:

If first two not working for you then you should go to this method you can just replace codes. Then comments will be disabled.

If you have not knowledge about codes then your may be broken down and you are expert then you can do this easily so please don’t risk.

In your post.php file, just replace this code

<?php comments_template(); ?>

With this code

<!-- Begin Comment
<?php comments_template(); ?>
End Comment -->

And if you want to do for page.php then replace this code

<?php comments_template( '', true ); ?>

With this Code

<!-- Begin Comment
<?php comments_template( '', true ); ?>
End Comment -->

Final Words:

I hope you will enjoy this article and learn more information about “WordPress comments disable”. Now you can do with your WordPress website and disable and enable your WordPress comments. If you really learn something from this then share this article with those people who have to need this type of article.
God Bless you Take Care bye.

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